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Bronzer Face Oil

Bronzer Face Oil

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*Shake well before using!*

Receive a sun-kissed glow without the harsh UV rays, all while moisturizing your face with our Bronzed Face Oil. This NEW Summer Essential is an antioxidant-rich blend of oils that moisturizes your skin. Love our silky original Face Oil? This is a pigmented blend of the same oils leaving you silky smooth. The result of our oils is always incredibly supple skin and this now gives a perfect, natural-looking summer glow. 

The perfect combination of powerful, antioxidant-rich blend of oils penetrates deep into the skin cells to repair and hydrate, leaving your skin incredibly soft with a touch of bronze. This grease-free, luxurious moisturizer is a must-have. All the ingredients in this formula are made for all skin types, oily & dry. Every item at Beauty From Bees is perfectly pH balanced and each item complements the other, leaving your skin healthy & glowing.

Bronzed Face Oil is made to be used on its own. It works well with all skin complexions. If you find it to dark you can mix 50/50 with our Face Oil or your daily moisturizer. If you find it too light, you can apply more.

**This is not a self-tanner, or a long-term tan.   

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