About Us

Together, we will rise

From the time Elyse Havelock was young, she has always been drawn to fashion. She believes that finding that one piece of clothing, accessory, or even an entire outfit, can change your mindset and make you feel better and make you hold your head a little higher. Elyse is constantly enthusiastic about new looks, trends, and good old-fashioned classics. Noble Rise was an idea Elyse had almost 10 years ago, but it was not feasible or possible to make that happen at the time. She has determined that there is never a "right time" and that when you have a passion and a dream, there's no time like the present. Spruce Grove will be home to the first Noble Rise store. Many of the lines featured in the store are Canadian -owned, Women-owned and run, and responsibly ethically-sourced and produced. Noble Rise is about empowerment. The store is about making you feel better, to give you positive experiences every time.

Elyse is committed to the community of Parkland County and Spruce Grove, an organization dear to her heart, called Parkland Turning Points, made an impactful difference in her life. Elyse will be forever thankful for that organization and plans to give back one dollar from every sale at Noble Rise, up to $10,000 towards Parkland Turning Points, a nonprofit organization to help men and women in intimate violent relationships. Once in Profit.

Support each other, empower each other and together we will rise.